“What should I watch tonight?”
     – Everyone, at some point in their life.

We are here to help eliminate the struggle when it comes to deciding what cinematic masterpiece should grace your presence on any given day. So microwave the popcorn, grab your favorite movie snacks and strap in for an adventure of epic proportions.

The Movie Calendar is a Video Podcast that has a goal of making day-to-day movie watching a more streamlined and enjoyable experience. How is this done? Every week we talk about one of our favorite films and celebrate what it means to us. The conclusion of every episode is the placement of the film onto The Movie Calendar. The idea is to fill the calendar – all 365 days – with incredible pieces of cinema so that if you’re ever struggling to figure out what to watch, we’ve got you covered. The date will be chosen for its personal significance for either of us OR because of what it means to YOU!

An announcement will be made at the end of every episode as to what the next film will be. It will appear here on our website, shared on our Twitter@TheMovieCal –  and our Instagram @themoviecalendar so follow along for all the details.

Help us to create The Movie Calendar by subscribing to our YouTube Channel and/or our Podcast with your favourite podcast app and if there is a film you’d like us to talk about, or you have a story for when a film should appear on The Movie Calendar, then email us at themoviecal@gmail.com and we’ll be in touch.

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